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The world’s longest tail lights, as seen heading to Cape Cod. See #7.
I’m 64 today.
I can’t believe it. But it’s true, and there’s no getting around it: I’m old. In honor of this milestone, here are 64 thoughts gleaned since I entered this world on Aug. 26, 1958:
1. Good manners are the result of good parenting.
2. If you meet a polite kid and have the opportunity, point it out to his/her parents. You will make their day.
3. There should be a special place in hell for people who tailgate at 7 on Sunday mornings.
4. It’s incredible how many people walk with their back to traffic.
5. When you get to your destination, call or text your mother to let her know you got there safely.
6. The people, including my son, who talk you through cable problems over the phone are brilliant.
7. These humongous tail lights are the definition of overkill.
8. Having a kid at college isn’t so bad if you realize it’s where he/she belongs.
9. No one wants to hear that they have “first world” problems.
10. Sometimes you just have to turn off the news.
11. A really good spouse calls to tell you there’s speed trap in the neighborhood.
12. Learning that your pet is sick is heartbreaking.
13. Clean out the refrigerator before you leave for vacation.
14. People with immaculate garages are from another planet.
15. It is very possible to have road rage while riding a bike.
16. A e-bike is one of the best things ever invented.
17. A lot of people focus on their body, but forget about their mind and spirit.
18. Good friends forgive each other’ faults.
19. Sending a kid off to college is a lot more emotional than anyone realizes.
20. Don’t wait a year to give the wedding present.
21. Having my mom around at this age is an enormous blessing.
22. It’s really hard to get 10,000 steps a day without a scheduled walk.
23. Having a semi green lawn when everyone else’s is burnt out is mildly satisfying.
24. Being laid up with an injury puts things in perspective.
25. There is nothing better than seeing two people in love get married.
26. It’s amazing what you will do for your children.
27. Marry someone who makes you laugh.
28. Predicting the Red Sox will lose does not make it any easier.
29. Being a NY Giants fan is a lesson in frustration.
30. Tom Brady is infinitely less annoying now that he’s not with the Patriots.
31. Making baked stuffed lobsters is a lot easier than people realize.
32. Starting a vegetable garden from seed is overrated.
33. Ants in your mailbox are unsettling.
34. A deep facial at a spa is life altering.
35. The green paint they sell for lawns is a waste of money.
36. No one looks good in a cycling helmet.
37. A nickel allergy can destroy earlobes, but plastic surgery can restore them.
38. Motherhood is the most selfless act of love.
39. An air fryer is better than I thought.
40. Fresh bagels demand cream cheese.
41. Eating a big lunch destroys any prospect of a great dinner.
43. Whoever invented the Everything Bagel seasoning is a genius.
44. Frozen chopped onions make cooking a lot easier.
45. Same with minced garlic in a jar.
46. Having pantry moths is horrendous.
47. So is a child with lice.
48. Having a good book is the best feeling in the world.
49. A Fitbit keeps you honest.
50. Sometimes you just need someone to listen. 
51. Money doesn’t make people happy; people do.
52. There’s nothing good on TV.
53. I’m unsure I’ll watch Karamo now that Maury is retiring.
54. The whole Ben/JLo thing is getting really old.
55. Always do fasting blood work first thing in the morning so you can have your coffee ASAP.
56. Tennis is only as good as the person calling the lines across the net.
57. The kindness of nurses is astounding.
58. People who make patterns on their lawns are perfectionists.
59. You never forget who didn’t give you a wedding present.
60. Being in a large extended family is a blessing.
61. Go to your high school and college reunions.
62. Expressing sympathy over Facebook or text doesn’t cut it in most cases.
63. It’s much easier to clean when no one is home.
64. If you read all of these, I’m really impressed.