Busting Stones



With the tomahawk and mallet, I didn’t know what’s behind the door.

I’m cruising down Route 1 and spot it.

The East Haven Stoners Club.

Hmmm. I pull a U-turn and park to take a closer look. Yes, Stoners Club it is. The tiny sign over the boarded up front door is foreboding, but a nattily-dressed gent about 80 is leaving and comments on the sparkling New England day. I’m confused. I assumed this was a place where notorious dudes get high.

He won’t tell me what it is, so I ring the doorbell. A somewhat startled long-haired man who may or may not ride a motorcycle answers the door. Here’s the lowdown: it’s a club of about 150 members who socialize and raise money various causes. Like a ritzy country club, you can only get in if a member sponsors you.

The name? One jokester said it was because of all the nearby quarries, but fessed up: “It means don’t break stones,” he said.

I can’t argue with that.

One thought on “Busting Stones

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